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BBM dan Manajemen Perubahan

ADA time gap atau interval waktu antara saat dimana suatu konsep digelontorkan sampai dengan beroperasinya atau terimplementasinya konsep tersebut. Dalam management best practices, hal tersebut dikenal dengan istilah Time-to-Operation. Dengan menghitung Time-to-Operation, sang pemangku (stakeholder) konsep dapat mengantisipasi berbagai critical success factors (faktor-faktor kunci keberhasilan) yang perlu dipersiapkan guna menunjang keberhasilan implementasi konsep tersebut.

Asean Community: Where Do We Stand as a Nation?

WE are a nation of vast richness, yet we are also a nation of countless vulnerabilities, points of weaknesses, that if not properly and immediately advocated will bring our regional as well as global competitiveness further down south. We are also going through a rapid depletion of oil production which was once one of our significant sources of wealth. There are other sources of natural (mineral) wealth that are still in abundance stock such as coal, gold, bauxite as well as natural gas to name a few. Despite the fact that these natural resources hold immense value, they are not renewable in nature nor they are sustainable.  Leveraging these natural resources in general provide minimum impact, if any, to the welfare of the people.